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This item will be released at a future date.

The Qbox is the best way to cue any action, silently and remotely.

It is still in development, currently set to ship mid-2019. The price is discounted until launch.

Additional Requests/Notes

Please let me know what you’re trying to do with this product, and if there’s any way I can facilitate your needs. May affect final price.

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Here’s the situation: you’re the focus puller on a feature film. The next scene will be very delicate, and so the director has requested a closed set, as few bodies in the room as possible. Your focus station is set up in the next room over, but when the time comes for a quick focus rack, the DP has no way to cue you. They would use a walkie, but that will cause an issue for sound in what is already a very quiet, difficult scene to pick up. What to do?

Enter The Qbox! Simply mount the Qbox on your monitor and give the DP the remote, and when the time comes they can push the button to remotely cue your pull! Efficient, tiny, and silent.

Also useful for:

  • Directors wanting to cue actors
  • DPs to cue operators or dolly grips
  • ADs to cue PAs to quiet a set
  • Gaffers to cue light gags
  • Or any other time one needs to silently and subtly cue an action!

Measuring just two inches long and one inch thick, the Qbox is easy to stash just about anywhere you may need it – on top of a monitor, on a focus hand unit, next to a light switch, etc. It includes mounting channels suitable for 1/4″-20 screws, but also is mostly comprised of flat surfaces for Velcro. It weighs only [][][], so it won’t add bulk to your setup. The remote includes a keychain attachment to put it on a lanyard, so it won’t get lost.

The Qbox is equipped with a standard 2-pin 0B Lemo port to supply power, and is compatible with most power cables for Teradek, SmallHD, and Arri products, as well as anything else wired to the same specification. I don’t include a cable with the QBox at the moment, but you can purchase a power cable from me as a separate item. The QBox can accept any voltage from 6.7v up to 30v, and consumes very little power while standing by.

A custom battery solution is in the works, but in the meantime I would also suggest a third-party battery plate, such as this one from Teradek, if you need a more mobile power solution than the included P-tap cable can provide.