Filter Tags


These are 3D printed filter tags. Attach them to your mattebox/monitor/slate/etc to remember what you’re looking through. Much more durable than p-touch labels.

Filter Set * 

This is the color of the “mask” that defines the text shape.

This is the color of the tag backing, visible through the letters.

Filters come without Velcro by default, I can add hard side Velcro to your filters for an additional fee.

Additional Requests/Notes

Please let me know what you’re trying to do with this product, and if there’s any way I can facilitate your needs. May affect final price.



Printed in PLA plastic, in your choice of colors. If you want different colors for some filters, I highly recommend adding them as different items in your order. Filters ship by default without Velcro backing, but I can add that for an additional price.

Each tag is printed in two colors, a top and a bottom. The top layer is a mask with the letters/numbers cut out, revealing the bottom layer. Thus, the color of the letters is determined by the color of the bottom layer, and the color of the area around the letters is the top layer. Note that the sides and back of a tag will be the same color as the bottom layer.