2-Pin Lemo Cable


Have a device you need powered from an Arri 2-pin Lemo (such as a QBox)? Simply select the appropriate opposite end of the cable and a length, and you’re pretty much good to go. Please choose from the options below, or specify in the notes section.

All connectors (except P-tap) are available in straight and right-angle configurations, please specify which you’d like.

Use a FHG Lemo, rather than FGG, for a right-angle connection.

Additional Requests/Notes

Please let me know what you’re trying to do with this product, and if there’s any way I can facilitate your needs. May affect final price.

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One end of this cable is a Lemo FGG.0B.302 wired for Arri 12v AKS (pin 1 is -, pin 2 is +), the other end is up to you.